Having gained an avid interest in cameras from my father at an early age, I have amassed a wealth of images that have remained in files, albums and more recently published on amateur web sites. Few people, including me, have cast eyes on them for years.

With a huge amount of encouragement from close friends and family I have taken the plunge and set up this site, where I can brush off the dust and display the images that have given me so much enjoyment for so long.

I will never profess to being a skilled and technically complete photographer, although I am always very keen, I just know what I like and what feels good to me. After all, they are my photos and essentially for my satisfaction! If you like them too, that is fantastic!

My hope is that you will be intrigued enough to venture in to my world for a glimpse of what has made me tick for so long. The quality of the images is variable and I make no apology for that. Each means something to me and that is most important. Many of the subjects centre on my love of all things with wings. Whether it is an eagle soaring or a Robin helping me in the garden, a jet filling the air with the sound of thunder and the smell of kerosene, or simply beautiful and colourful butterflies enhancing our world with their beauty. They are all valid subjects for me. You will notice my attraction to order and patterns too, my love of nature and travel and a wealth of other things that have filled my lenses over the years.

So, now, sit comfortably for a few minutes and navigate around my site. I hope you will enjoy this window in to my world.

Thank you for visiting,